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Knots Landing, but not the TV series

Garrison Pond

Rainy day. 46°F. I went to Garrison Pond, a.k.a. Ramsey Duck Pond, in Ramsey to find the Knot's Landing geocache. I was a little concerned about going for a 3-star terrain geocache in the rain, but when I saw where the cache was, I realized that I didn't have to worry. It was actually a lot easier to get to than the terrain rating suggested. Almost a park and grab. As for the duck pond itself, the view was very foggy.

I hadn't been reading the geocaching forums, so I didn't realize until yesterday night that Off Your Rocker geocaches are no longer allowed. This is a series of geocaches placed at Cracker Barrel restaurants/stores. They're apparently not removing existing caches yet because I found one in December at the Elkton, MD, Cracker Barrel off I-95. I don't think there needs to be much of a forum debate on this. Cracker Barrel stores are private property, so if corporate wishes to rescind cache placement permission, they can do so at any time. Out of the over 7,200 caches I've visited, only a dozen or so are from the Off Your Rocker series, so it doesn't matter a whole lot to me either. We'll just move on to other locations.


1. Under what conditions can you have the perfect nap?
I don't usually take naps. I would take one if my sleep cycle was really off, for example, if I were jet-lagged.

2. Under what conditions can you let most of your guard down?
When I'm with people I know and trust.

3. Under what conditions can you do your best writing?
When I'm answering Friday Five... wait a minute!

4. Under what conditions would you give away everything you own?
I suppose if I were about to die, I might do that. Even then, why not let a blood relative inherit it?

5. Under what conditions would you kiss a stranger?
Maybe never. Heck, I don't even kiss non-strangers.

From thefridayfive:

1. What is your favourite fruit?
Watermelon. Preferably seedless and with yellow flesh.

2. What is the last book you read?
Fox Bunny Funny. However, it is a graphic novel with no words, so I don't know if one might consider that reading.

Before that, I read American Theocracy. I only read two of the three sections though, because the section focusing on religion didn't interest me.

The last book I read from cover to cover was The Lies About Money. I don't agree with Edelman on everything but the model portfolios he has there are good starting points for the uninitiated.

3. Do you like any of your school photos?

4. Do you ever blowdry your armpits to get the deodorant to dry quicker?
No. I don't even blowdry my hair. It's too time-consuming.

5. What was the last film you watched?
I watched "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" during the holidays.

From fridayfiver:

1. Where do you like to walk?
Between parking areas and geocaches.

2. What does your hair look like?
Short, straight, and black.

3. What are you jealous of?
The ability to not worry about things, which is what some people have.

4. What kind of promises do you make?
I try to limit myself to promises that I'm confident I can keep.

5. What makes you stare?
Generally, things I see that I don't understand.
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