Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Western NJ - Morristown/Mendham

Lewis Morris Park - Bark Closeup

Sunny. Temperature around 45°F but I was fine without the outer jacket. Didn't want to go too far today so I went to Western NJ, up to the Morristown/Mendham area. Apparently, I haven't been going to that area enough because some of the geocaches I found today had been out there for nearly 2 years before my visit.

The longest walk of the day was in Lewis Morris Park in Morristown/Mendham for two geocaches. The trails were very winding so I don't think I made the best trail choices but it was a good workout hiking over those rolling hills.

For dinner, I went back to Burger King in Ramsey and used another coupon from the coupon book. Since it was early when I stopped for the day, I thought about going to the Chinese supermarket on my way home but I'll leave that little errand for tomorrow or next week.

Tags: geocaching, western nj
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