Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Western NJ, Lehigh Valley

46°F. Sunny. When I started out this morning, I hadn't planned on doing 19 geocaches, but that's the way things turn out sometimes. I always bring information for more geocaches than I need and whether I do more or fewer depends on how well things go.

That's even more remarkable when I consider that the 2nd cache of the day nearly derailed the whole day's activity. That cache was located on a little island about 50 feet into a pond. The water was cold but not freezing so I thought I'd just wade in. I got about halfway when I tripped over a submerged log and fell in. Fortunately, I didn't get too wet. I landed with one knee in the water and one knee out.

The rest of the geocaches turned out to be far easier. I went south towards I-78 and did a bunch more geocaches out by Peapack, Lamington, Cokesbury, and High Bridge. It was fast approaching dusk when I got to Delaware River US-22 bridge, so I did what I could and then sampled some of Lehigh Valley's nighttime-accessible caches. At the 19th cache of the day, it started raining heavily, so that's when I decided to stop for the day.

Dinner was at Long John Silver's in Easton. The "Shop and Cache" geocache from this trip was at the same strip mall only a few hundred feet from that LJS! Talk about convenient!

Tags: geocaching, lehigh valley, long john silver's, western nj
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