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Morton Fox

Mountain of Garrett

Garrett Mountain Reservation

43°F and sunny. It was such a nice day and perfect for heading out to Garrett Mountain Reservation in Paterson for two geocaches: ON THE ROCKS and GMP 2. I was familiar with the area of "On The Rocks" because there used to be another cache there. So I was a little worried that the cache would be tough to find. That location has less-than-stellar GPS reception and is full of rocks with lots of crevices to search. Fortunately, my worries were unfounded. Once I was there, I found the cache by luck rather quickly. I was first to find too, which was another surprise because I know a fellow geocacher who lives within half a mile of that spot.

Then I went to "GMP 2". The parking area for this one was a little further along the park road. This too was relatively easy, although I started looking in the wrong place so it took a bit longer. After that, I had two whoppers.

The Wise Bread Forums have begun sharing ad revenue with users. That's nice of them to do. I've been a reader of Wise Bread's personal finance blog for a while now, although I'm relatively new to their forums. I added my Google Adsense code to the forum this evening and I noticed that my Adsense has shown up there a couple of times already. The forum does not have much traffic so I don't expect to earn much there but it's an excuse to babble even more about personal finance, investing, and obsessive coupon usage. :)

And finally, I've finished scanning postcards that I received through Postcrossing. They're in this Flickr set. Most of the postcards are of scenery but there are some cute and funny ones too.
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