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Swirly Girly

Near the Park Ridge Swim Club

Yesterday evening, it got colder and it started snowing. Rather inconveniently, I had also run out of some key grocery items so I had to go out that evening in the snow to the fruit market and then to Pathmark in Ramsey. At Pathmark, I noticed that it was the last day of a triple-coupon sale. I started thinking how ridiculous it was to be taking my time combing through coupons when I should really just be getting what I needed and going home because it was snowing outside, but it was triple coupons! Anyway, it turned out to be harder to extract a deep discount at Pathmark than it was at A&P the week before, so I merely stocked up on items I knew I would need soon and that was that.

This afternoon, it was 47°F. Any snow that had fallen overnight had long since melted away. I noticed that The Swirly Girly Cache, a new geocache near the Park Ridge Swim Club, had just been listed. It was only a few miles away so I went for it. The plastic container was actually not placed in the most obvious way but I caught a glimpse of it and found it quickly. Then I headed over to Burger King in Park Ridge for chicken tendercrisp.

From the altfriday5:

1. What is your favorite mode of local transportation?
Car. Bus service? What bus service?

2. What do you like about it? Dislike?
Like: Comfortable. Carries everything I need.
Dislike: Maintenance. Fuel cost, although that's an excellent way to distribute Where's George dollars widely.

3. What is your favorite mode of distance transportation?
Same as 1. I haven't been traveling further than I can drive in one day.

4. What do you like about it? Dislike?
Same as 2.

5. What factors go into your decision to take or not take a trip?
Is there a geocache there?

From Five on Friday:

1. Do you wear sunscreen? Do you use it everyday or just when you're at the beach?

2. How often do you brush your teeth? What about floss and flouride?
Twice, sometimes three times a day. Also floss and use mouthwash.

3. Do you get at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day?
Some days. I make sure I have lots of apples in the fridge.

4. How often do you exercise? What do you do?
You don't read this journal, do you? :)

5. Do you use a seatbelt every time you get into a car?

From fridayfiver:

1. What do you need?
Peace of mind.

2. What won't you share?
Toothbrush. Actually, I don't share a lot of things any more. People had a bad habit of not returning my books.

3. What do you hurry through?
Household chores. Also, the last few times I repaired my boots and clothes, I just did a one-minute job. Not worth going to too much trouble if it's going to wear out again.

4. Who is worth waiting for?
You are. I hope I'm worth the time too.

5. Friday fill-in:
I can't bear to ______.
... answer Friday Five, but I did it anyway.


1. The Travis McGee series of mystery novels by John D. MacDonald is famous for always including a color in its titles, such as The Dreadful Lemon Sky, The Girl in the Plain Brown Wrapper, and The Empty Copper Sea. What two or three similar titles could you give to events in your life in the past week?

The Fleeting White Snow
Wise Bread's Giving of the Green
Seeing Red on Dental Insurance

2. The Kinsey Millhone series of mystery novels by Sue Grafton is famous for its alphabetical titles, such as A is for Alibi, K is for Killer, and M is for Malice. What two or three similar titles could you give to recent episodes at your workplace or school?

S is for SQL Server
E is for Evaluation
T is for Too Many Trade Publications

3. Margaret Truman's murder mysteries are known for being set in and around Washington, D.C. with such titles as Murder at the Pentagon, Murder at the Kennedy Center, and Murder on Capitol Hill. What are two or three similar titles you could give to episodes of great inconvenience to you around your hometown?

Loathing at Quiznos
Delay at the Train Crossing
Computer Failure at the Optimum Online Payment Center

4. Susan Conant's Dog Lover Mysteries often contain dog-related puns, such as A New Leash on Death, Paws Before Dying, and Dead and Doggone. If a series of books were to be written about your favorite hobby, what might some of the punny titles be?

Hounding the Rubbermaids
Following the Pointer
Sniffing out the Micros

5. The Three Investigators series of juvenile mysteries often explores baffling phenomena that turn out to have perfectly reasonable explanations, such as The Mystery of the Invisible Dog, the Mystery of the Headless Horse, and the Secret of the Haunted Mirror. What would be a couple of similar titles you could give for the last few things that mysteriously disappeared from your possession?

Mystery of the Western Connecticut Street Atlas
The Enigmatic Mini-USB Cable
Secret of the Comic Book That Explains The Various Schools of Economics

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