Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Westchester (and Bronx) Will Do

Jacob Purdy House

38°F. It was so cloudy that I thought it would rain or snow some time during the day but it never did. There has been quite a buildup of geocaches in Lower Westchester in the last few weeks since my last visit, so that's where I went. There was still time after doing all the new geocaches, so I went to Pelham Bay Park (Orchard Beach / Hunter Island) in the Bronx and did a few there caches there to fill the remaining time before dusk. Funny thing is that part was the longest walk of the day because two of the geocaches were located in parts of Hunter Island furthest from the Orchard Beach parking lot.

Orchard Beach is near City Island so I should've gone over to City Island for dinner, but it never came to mind. From what I remember from my last visit to City Island 6 years ago, the inexpensive restaurant at the end of City Island has good seafood and someone there logged all the Where's George bills that I spent there. Instead, I headed back across the bridge to Palisades Center Mall, where I noticed that Jo-Ann Etc and Bombay have both gone out of business. When times are tough, the discretionary stuff is always the first to go.

The "Paladin Quest" series of geocaches, some of which I did this afternoon, are supposed to lead up to a final mystery cache. That final cache uses information collected from each cache in the series. Problem is it's not clear from the cache descriptions what information I'm supposed to collect. My guess was that I needed to record the full name of a nearby store or landmark containing the color in the cache name and that was subsequently confirmed by the cache owner. For example, at "Paladin Quest #4---Green", I need the name of something "green" nearby. Here's what will spoil the puzzle though: You could simply go to those coordinates in Google Maps and search for the color.

Tags: geocaching, westchester

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