Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

PBCD Long Island

Green's Creek County Park

Sunny but cold and windy. It was 23 - 28°F the whole day. New York City must have been in a deep freeze last night. This morning, the lower level of the George Washington Bridge was closed for ice removal, so I used the upper level. Then, on the Cross Bronx Expressway, I saw road crews removing icicles from overpasses. (There's a water drip problem at most of the overpasses. On my return trip at night, I noticed that the icicles were back and bigger than before.)

I didn't see any further problems with the roads once I got past the city and out onto Long Island. To avoid excessive exposure to the cold, I went for quick geocaches. The exception was the "Heckscher Backroads" series of geocaches, a 1-mile round trip for 3 caches. I thought I was going to lose some extremities by the time I was done with that! It's the perfect time to do those caches though. I couldn't do them during the Summer because Heckscher Park closed early. The reason for that was there were some West Nile virus reports in the area and they wanted everyone out of the park before the mosquitoes started biting. No mosquito problems in the Winter!

It got dark while I was at "Memorial Garden". I added 4 more night-accessible geocaches before it got too cold. Then I went to LJS in Melville for fried fish.

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