Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Sopranos Hitman Event and North Jersey

DeKorte Park

Started the day by calling the telco to cancel my landline phone service, which was a lot easier to do than I expected. Then I went to the pre-event hike at Rifle Camp Park in West Paterson. Got there before 10am. Some geocachers were already waiting in the parking area at the end of the park road. Then Avroair arrived and before we "hit" him, he started giving out information sheets with coordinates to five new (and still unlisted) geocaches, three in Rifle Camp Park and two in nearby Garrett Mountain Reservation. I thought we were going to do a group hike but it turned out to be a free-for-all. I teamed up with Pris6966 for the three Rifle Camp caches and we actually were FTF on one of them, although that designation had little relevance because everyone was swarming around the area anyway so we might as well all be FTF.

Then I headed over to the Sopranos Park West Diner and Hitman Event. It was at the Park West Diner on Route 46 in Little Falls. I ordered the portobello mushroom platter, which turned out to be a heaping mound of food on top of pita bread that I couldn't even see under the food until I had eaten most of it. And it had waffle fries too.

After the event, I headed over to Nutley for a quick cache and then to DeKorte Park in Lyndhurst for five more caches. That last set was the longest walk of the day because after making a loop for the first four caches, the last one, which was on a different trail, added an additional 1.5-mile round trip walk. Ended the day with a side trip to the Chinese supermarket in River Edge for a boxed dinner, Asian pancakes, and fried noodles.

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