Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

North/Central Jersey

Sunny. Temperature in the upper 30s in the afternoon. There was a weather forecast of a 30% chance of snow but that never happened. I was planning to go to Staten Island but I noticed that there were lots of new geocaches in Central Jersey so I figured I might as well stay in-state and avoid paying the exorbitant bridge toll.

On my way to the Boxwood Hall geocache in Elizabeth, I saw someone dump garbage from his car while stopped at a traffic light. It wasn't just a little garbage either. That was so shameless! What's wrong with people?

Did the Last 4 geocaches at night, so it was a good thing those were urban hides. After doing "Walzup" in Watchung, it was time for dinner. It was close enough to Blue Star Plaza that I thought that was a good opportunity to try the Old Country Buffet there. So I did. This one doesn't have as broad a selection of food as Hometown Buffet in Edison or O.C.B. in Oxford Valley, but it has fried catfish! So I had catfish, a salad, nachos and yams, strawberry pie topped with orange sherbet, and coffee with a chocolate ice cream float.

After dinner, I remembered that there was another night-accessible geocache just 5 miles northeast in Summit, so I went and found that one. It was the perfect time to do that because the town was pretty quiet on a Sunday night. The only tricky part was getting around the Springfield Avenue road closure.

Tags: central jersey, geocaching, old country buffet
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