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Mahwah meandering


It rained lightly today, but there were new geocaches, so in the afternoon, I went out to Mahwah to do Stonehedge. I knew the location because it was in the same strip mall as Moe's, a restaurant to which I no longer go because the cashier slipped up and then had an argument with me. Anyway, I was off my game today. It should've been simple but I started looking in the wrong place and took longer than expected to find the cache. I met TwistedT while I was there.

On the way out of the strip mall, I nearly had a collision with a UPS truck that was going around a corner a bit too fast on a rainy day. I think it's supposed to be "What can Brown do for you?" not "What can Brown do to you?" :)

A news reporter from Herald News was at the Sopranos/Hitman geocaching event and pre-event hike on Saturday and here's the news article. I thought that was a fair portrayal of the activity. Of course, wooded areas account for only a portion of all geocaching locations because there are also urban cache hides, some of which I go for after dark to kill time before dinner, but we don't have to tell the press everything. :)

On a slightly different note, I'm sending the GPS receiver back to Garmin for warranty repair. It freezes up now and then, requiring removal of the batteries to reset it. I made the arrangements with Product Support using their web contact form and I'll mail it to them tomorrow. For the next few weeks, I'll use the spare GPS, which is the exact same eTrex Legend HCx model because I'd planned ahead and ordered another one from Amazon a while back.
Tags: garmin, geocaching, mahwah, moe's, sopranos event, warranty repair
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