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Bucks County, PA and South Jersey

Felt a bit ill last night, possibly because of something I ate. Fell asleep a bit later listening to Wall Street Underground on WABC. I guess a ranting and raving investment newsletter writer wasn't so interesting after all. :)

Next morning, I was completely okay! Funny how that works. Woke up somewhat later than usual so I figured I'd not be able to get to as many geocaches. But all of them were pretty quick finds so it went very well in spite of the late start and I finished well before dusk.

First stop of the day was PENny for your thoughts, not far from US-130 North of Bordentown. This is one of those times when Streets and Trips directions took me to a closer parking lot than the suggested parking. Ah, the wonders of mapping software.

Then I went to Langhorne, PA via US-206, I-295 and I-95 to get Coor Creek #1, #2 and #3. The two physical caches proved to be easy to find. The park was a bit muddy from the recent snowmelt but it wasn't too bad. My pants got all muddy though so I'll have to do the laundry again this week.

After that, I went back to New Jersey to the Feature Cache in Hopewell. This cache involves going down and then back up a steep hill but I figured with all those easy walks so far today, I needed the exercise. And besides, it's better to do that now than later in the year when the weather is hot.

Then came a 50-mile drive down I-95/I-295 and Route 42 to GTCP Key Chain Cache. Another quick dash and grab. Picked up a travel bug.

Last of the day was It's the same only different!!!, a lighthouse virtual cache.

Had a late lunch at the Burger King in Runnemede. Like the one in Park Ridge, they didn't have Crispy Tacos either. So the tacos are really gone. Where am I going to get tacos at a fast food restaurant now? Oh right... the Mexican telephone company. But I don't go there any more.

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