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Automotive and Shoppers Hotline Updates

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Oil change yesterday evening. 70,962 miles. Also had the air filter changed because it was full of dirt. They had wi-fi in the waiting area but their uplink was flaky. I couldn't get to anything on the internet at first but a little later, it was fine.

After that, I went to Burger King in Ramsey to use my 2nd-last coupon on a BK Big Fish and chicken fries. To my surprise, there was wi-fi there too, although it was from their neighbors, not the restaurant itself. (medium signal strength) What's amazing is there are now 5 wi-fi networks at the Interstate strip mall, where there were none when I checked last year. It's remarkable how quickly the town got blanketed in overlapping wi-fi networks.

Since my printer ran out of toner recently, I used my Shoppers' Hotline reward to get a new toner cartridge. As you may recall, I signed up at Shoppers' Hotline a year and a half ago. A little later, they sent me a debit card linked to my rewards account and that's how I placed the order at Newegg. I can't say that Shoppers' Hotline is a good way to earn money though. Even if I participate every week, it comes out to only a few dollars per month. But it doesn't take much time to scan my purchases with the scanner and, as far as privacy concerns go, I don't mind those folks compiling statistical info about my mundane grocery purchases anyway.
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