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Opened a Google Code project for the 10 Million Photos Flickr group scripts. That was pretty easy to do. Since I'm allowed 10 projects, I ought to make projects for some of the other scripts I've written too. The SVN repository alone makes it far superior to just sticking the code on randomfox.

From Five on Friday:

1. How often do you get sick with a cold? The flu? Something else?
Once or twice a year.

2. Are you the sort of person who goes to work or school no matter how sick you are or are you willing to stay at home when it gets bad?
Until I get actual sick days, yes, I will go to work. It's a consequence of company policy.

3. How do you like to treat a cold? What remedies do you like and why?
I don't do very much special. It'll run its course.

4. What do you do to keep from getting sick in the winter?
Stay away from people who are sick. Okay, that's not always possible.

5. What is your favorite thing to do when you stay home from work or school?
Do some reading. Fry up some Asian pancakes.

From the altfriday5:

1. Do you live in a climate that has noticeable seasonal changes in weather?

2. Are seasons and climate a factor in your decisions about where to live?
Thus far, no, but it'll be a factor in my next move.

3. Do you have a favorite season? If so, which one?
Fall, when it starts getting cold.

4. If so, what makes it your favorite? If not, why not?
That's after the mosquito and tick infestation goes away but before the ice and snow come.

5. If you could design your perfect cycle of seasons, what would it look like?
Fall, Spring, Fall, Spring. 40 to 60°F all year.

From fridayfiver:

1. Do you like the thrill of a chase?
In my salad days, yes, but no longer.

2. What winds you up?
Answering Friday Five... uhh, maybe not.

3. Are you a loud talker?

4. What comes easy to you?
Almost everything, except passport renewal.

5. What did you dream about recently?
The strange thing is I had a dream about creating a password reset CD. I didn't know why until this afternoon when I actually had to do that.

From thefridayfive:

1. Do you consider yourself to be a good housekeeper? Why or why not?
No. It looks like benign neglect around here.

2. Are there any household chores that you enjoy doing? If so, what and why?
Shredding credit card applications. It's cathartic.

3. Which household chore frustrates/angers you the most?
Cleaning the bathroom.

4. When doing household chores, what do you do to make them seem less of a "chore"?
I don't do anything special there.

5. Which chore do you find yourself doing most often, and why?
Sweeping the floor area by the back door. Because the broom and dustpan are hanging right there, so it's easy.


1. When did you last use graphing paper?
In college, probably.

2. When did you last use a highlighter?
Years ago. I have highlighters but don't use them.

3. When did you last cover a book?
Very long time ago.

4. When did you last wear an apron or smock?
College. Chemistry lab.

5. When did you last use glue?
Costume repair. In December, I think.
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