Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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Long Island - CNY weekend

Year of the Rat

I'd planned on going to Flushing for a Chinese New Year dinner today, so I paired that up with a geocaching trip to Long Island. It was sunny and in the upper 40s at first but turned windy and freezing later in the afternoon.

"The Frick", the first stop of the day, was interesting. It was on the grounds of the Nassau County Art Museum, so there were a few outdoor sculptures to see on the way to the cache. "Meadowbrook Trail Monkey Pail" was the toughest bushwhack of the day. No trail at all. Lots of thorns. On my way to that one, I suddenly felt a draft. Then I noticed that I was showing a bit more leg than usual. Uh oh. Looks like I ripped my pants on some Long Island barbed wire. Good thing I packed safety pins.

For much of the day, I was just a step ahead of the snowstorm. I went from west to east and so did the row of snow clouds. At the final stage of "Head Case", the clouds finally caught up with me. So that's when I decided to stop for the day. I got back out on the Southern Parkway and drove right into the snowstorm. That's when I encountered whiteout conditions and visibility was down to 500 feet. Realizing that I couldn't drive at any reasonable speed in that weather, I took the next exit, which conveniently led to an unfound cache. So I went and found that one while waiting for the snow to stop.

After that, the snow actually did stop, so I continued onwards to Flushing. Since "Little Green Men: Earth's last hope???" in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park was near Flushing, I thought I'd try to find that one along the way. No sooner had I parked in the parking lot within sight of the weird World's Fair structure when the wind and snow picked up again. Undaunted, I put the goggles on (to keep snow out of my eyes) and got that cache too. Then, almost as suddenly, the snow stopped again.

In Flushing, I checked a number of restaurants and then I saw that Sentosa actually had Chinese New Year specials. Once again, the Malaysian restaurant comes through with the goodies. I had yee sang, which is raw fish mixed with colorful vegetables and stuff. That was the only dish I had because it's a large portion.

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