Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Don't need a Tuxedo to go to Poughkeepsie

View from Tuxedo station

Sunny but cold afternoon at around 30°F. I found a cache in Tuxedo. (No, I wasn't wearing a tuxedo. The name of the town is Tuxedo. :) ) It was the Tuxedo Junction geocache at the train station parking lot. A quick grab.

In the evening, it was even colder at 20°F and falling. I traveled to Poughkeepsie to attend the Hudson Valley Cachers' Meet-and-Greet geocaching event at Cappuccino's Restaurant at the corner of US-9 and IBM Road. It was a cozy get-together for a bunch of geocachers from New York and Connecticut. (and one from New Jersey, of course) What's funny is our group was the restaurant's clientele for the evening. We took up one dining room and the rest of the restaurant was empty. I had the bistro burger deluxe. Anyway, I had a good time there this evening and it was worth the food and fuel cost. (Throw in the Thruway and bridge tolls and it'd be a tough call. Okay, okay, it was still worth doing. :) )
Tags: geocaching, geocaching event, poughkeepsie
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