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Nassau County Art Museum

I'm not sure whether it is brand new or if I just hadn't noticed it before but Williams Drive in Ramsey now goes all the way out to Route 17. Even Google Maps doesn't show this new section of Williams Drive. That's the way I used this afternoon to get to MacFarran Park to make an attempt on the Anemic Skippy geocache. I believe this cache is an 18oz peanut butter jar. Unfortunately, the location is a pile of boulders, so between the lack of time and the dozens of crevices to search, I couldn't make the find today. Anyway, this area is on my way (with a slight detour) to Ramsey so I can try this again another day or whenever convenient.

A little birdie told me that the cache owner works at an office complex in the area. Okay, it wasn't a little birdie but another geocacher who was there searching with me at the time. It's cool that I'm now seeing more and more local geocachers. Used to be that I was the one placing the caches up at this edge of the state.

I've written previously about the Canadian energy trust tax hike and some problems arising from that "Halloween Surprise". Well, it looks like another chapter is unfolding in that saga. I received a note from one of the energy trusts today that two US shareholders are planning to sue the Canadian government for damages under NAFTA. I had no idea that NAFTA has such a provision but it turns out that, according to that website, NAFTA Chapter 11 allows investors from one NAFTA country to sue the government of another NAFTA country for actions that hurt their investments. This will be worth watching.

V-Day Thoughts: A number of people have asked me what I'm looking for in a life partner. This is not an unexpected question considering that I'm still single, even in my mid-30s. The truth is I don't have much to say about that because I haven't been thinking about it. At various times in my life, I've been close to a few people but turned away each time because of irreconcilable differences or problems that came up. In the end, although I haven't ruled anything out completely, I decided that the vast majority of friendships are better enjoyed at arm's length and that's not such a bad thing.
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