Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island

Roosevelt Field Mall

Went out to Long Island on Sunday because I wanted another helping of the Chinese New Year specials at Sentosa in Flushing but didn't want to pay for parking. It was a cloudy day. The temperature ranged from 36°F to 50°F. It started raining shortly after dusk so I turned around and went to Flushing. I had braised ee noodles and coconut pudding. I saw the coconut pudding last week but didn't try it then because I had already eaten quite enough. This time, I got an entree that wasn't quite as large so I had room for the pudding. It was full of coconut goodness.

On the Cross Bronx Expressway Extension, I saw tire marks going diagonally across the highway and leading to a break in the guardrail and scattered vehicular debris. Looks like a fresh accident site too because I didn't see that last weekend.

Some minor irritations out on the island: I had the right of way on Sunnyside Blvd in Plainview but no one obeyed the stop sign at the bottom of the Northern Parkway ramp so I couldn't get through. That kind of nonsense is only supposed to happen in the city! Then later, a store clerk at 7-Eleven in Melville tried to overcharge me on these two Big Bite hotdogs but I caught him and refused to pay until he fixed the total. Also, he said I couldn't apply the balance on my 7-Eleven gift card to the amount. I'll have to inquire about that another time.

Filled up at an Exxon station in Paramus. The pump attendant overshot the whole dollar amount by 12 cents. (It was $18.12 when he meant to pump $18.00) He told me to just forget the 12 cents. Nice! That almost makes up for the time when another pump attendant shortchanged me by 15 cents.

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