Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Western NJ - Presidents' Day

Bethlehem Graveyard

The temperature was anywhere from 39°F to 68°F today. It was rainy sometimes and sunny at other times. So at each geocache site, I didn't know if I should wear a jacket, bring an umbrella, or both, or neither.

Overall, it didn't seem like a good day for going outside so my plans were pretty modest. I headed out to Western NJ along I-78. After not having been there for years, I revisited Merrill Creek Reservoir today. What's changed is they now have a prohibition against photographing the dam or any of the buildings in the area. They didn't prohibit that the last time I was there. I think they've caught the MTA and TBTA's paranoia disease. They must think that photographers are terrorists and cameras are weapons of digital destruction.

Funny thing is I met up with a photographer at "O Little Town Of..." I thought he was a geocacher at first because he was heading right for the cache site but he said he was there to photograph the ruins, just like what I was doing after finding the cache. I think casual photography of sites of interest serves an archival purpose. I post my photos to Flickr and a couple of times, people have told me that certain structures have been torn down or remodeled since I took the picture. (Examples that come to mind: Sparta Theater was torn down, LJS in Patchogue became a Starbucks) So what I would ask the Merrill Creek Reservoir folks is whether it's worth shutting out all photographers just so that terrorists can't have pictures of the dam. Because of photography bans, there are many locations, especially on or around NYC bridges, of which we haven't had imagery since 9/11. Pity.

At the end of the day, I crossed over to Lehigh Valley, although I only had time to find one cache there. I took a wrong turn in Whitehall and ended up at an Old Country Buffet that I'd never seen before. Of course, that immediately answered the question of where to go for dinner. I'm glad I tried this OCB too. They had a bigger selection of food than any other OCB I tried so far. Most notably, they had 3 kinds of fish!

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