Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

There's lunar eclipsing going on outside

Civil War Monument

I got a refund from an online seller this evening. I ordered some mini-comics last month. The seller told me he sent two packages, one when I placed the order and a second one when I opened a dispute with Paypal. Neither package arrived, so that is rather odd. Perhaps he addressed the packages incorrectly but that doesn't explain why those packages weren't returned to him by the USPS. Oh well. Looks like I'm not going to read "Yip the Wonder Dog" but at least I won't be out the cash either.

Also tonight, I watched the lunar eclipse and shot the moon. Didn't go anywhere special to view it. Just took a walk outside with camera and tripod to a dark area and that was good enough to see the moon.

And finally: orange sorbet in a tiny paper cup
Tags: comics, lunar eclipse, paypal, shopping
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