Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Monmouth County Snowcaching

Raritan Bay Waterfront Park

So what do I do after a day with 6 inches of snow? Go geocaching, of course! I chose to go south to the Monmouth County beach area though because I knew they only had 3 inches of snow there. Traffic reports on the radio were a tad scary because of all the accidents and spinouts, but by the time I got going, the temperature was already up to 34°F and the roads were fine. I still had to let the heat go for a few minutes to get the ice off the windshield though.

Most of geocaches I did today weren't affected by the snow. A number of them were up in trees or hidden above ground level in some fashion. A few more were so obvious that the pile of sticks just showed through the snow. And the rest had hints specific enough that I could find the caches with a minimum of poking at the snow. In spite of the shallow snow cover, I still got my feet wet. I think my shoes are leaky.

Had a chili on rice hot-to-go bowl at Wawa in Matawan. That really hit the spot after a day of walking around in the snow. That Wawa store wasn't doing so well this evening. Their gas pumps had shut down for reasons unknown. After that, I went to Woodbridge Center Mall to pay a bill at the Sprint store. Because of where I parked, I walked through Lord & Taylor to enter the mall. Would you believe that this department store is now pricing shirts at $98? That's for just one dress shirt! Insane! In comparison, the handheld GPS receiver I'm using costs only about two Lord & Taylor shirts. Try navigating to a geocache using two shirts. Can't be done! :)

Tags: geocaching, lord and taylor, monmouth county, scary prices, snow, wawa, woodbridge center mall

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