Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Ramsey Monday

Ramsey Duck Pond

Living only a mile from work, there are very few days when I experience a real traffic delay. Today was one of those days. The occasion was utility work blocking half the road.

This afternoon, I revisited Knot's Landing at Ramsey Duck Pond to grab a geocoin and also to leave two travel bugs from the bagful I got from yesterday's breakfast event. I don't think I've been to this pond when there was snow on the ground, so I took some pictures for my collection.

After adding the travel bugs and geocoins from yesterday's event and the geocoin from Knot's Landing, I've now logged 3,646 trackables. My user profile at GC lists the types of travel bugs and geocoins I've logged but not in order of frequency. So I pulled the HTML into an Calc spreadsheet and sorted the data. Here are the top 10:

Name Count %
1 Travel Bug Dog Tags 1669 45.8%
2 Unite for Diabetes Travel Bugs 101 2.8%
3 USA Geocoins 74 2.0%
4 Appalachian Trail Geocoins 58 1.6%
5 Personal Geocoins 53 1.5%
6 CC Geocoins 38 1.0%
7 Green Jeep 4x4 Travel Bugs 28 0.8%
8 2007 Red Jeep Travel Bugs 23 0.6%
9 Generic Geocoins 21 0.6%
10 Seven Summit Geocoins 17 0.5%

I've logged more Unite for Diabetes Travel Bugs than I thought. However, since there are 20,000 of those in existence (I have no idea how many are still circulating though), I'm still a long way from finding them all.

Grocery run this evening. I didn't intend to turn this into a full shopping trip. I went to Pathmark only to pick up one sale item for which I had a coupon. However, when I got there and started checking the store specials, I noticed that there were quite a number of specials this week for which I had matching coupons! So in the end, I got $37 of groceries for about $13.50. Not the best I've ever done but it's decent savings. The amusing part is one of the items was -31 cents because of a doubled coupon. Pay me for buying bagged cereal? Sure! Can I get another one? :)
Tags: geocaching, geocoins, groceries, pathmark, ramsey, shopping, travel bugs

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