Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

12 Days Later...

Hartshorne Woods Park

Because of a tip from Wise Bread, I signed up at PineCone Research two weeks ago. Then I completed a consumer survey and received a check yesterday. My stance on paid consumer surveys remains the same: If you're filling out surveys just for the payment, most of those are not worth the time. However, I do want to tell manufacturers my preferences because maybe one day, they'll come up with something I really like. In the meantime, I might as well get a few dollars here and there for giving my opinion.

I made hotel reservations for FurFright one evening about two weeks ago. This morning, I had some time to spare so I called Holiday Inn to check on that reservation. I'm glad I did that. Not only did the first reservation clerk give me the wrong confirmation number, she also made my reservation under the regular room rate instead of the group rate! Anyway, I asked the second reservation clerk to fix the room rate and give me the correct confirmation number so that I can use it elsewhere to request a room on the fursuit floor. While I had him on the phone, I also asked him to add my Priority Club number to the reservation.

Two lessons here:
1. Always check hotel reservations online or call the hotel again to confirm. Reservation clerks do make mistakes sometimes.
2. Phone in hotel reservations during the daytime. For some reason, I've never had hotel reservations I made at night go smoothly.

Of course, I keep forgetting that second part because the evening is when I usually have time to take care of such matters.

Speaking of travel arrangements, I thought Expedia already had enough of my shenanigans when I used their $50 coupon twice to make two trips to Delaware in December, but no, they sent me another coupon, this time for $100! Hmm.
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