Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

PB on the Rocks

MacFarran Park

I went out this afternoon to MacFarran Park (actually, it was the edge of the park) in Ramsey to try looking for Anemic Skippy again. This time, I was successful. Yes, the peanut butter jar was really in the rock pile. What helped this time is the previous visitor positioned the geocache so that it wasn't quite as deep in the crevice. So I was able to see it and reach for it without any trouble.

I should've known this would happen. I canceled my landline phone service on January 26. Today, I checked and saw that they still billed me for February. Ugh. Called them this morning to get that charge taken away. I hope it really is canceled this time or else I'll have to call them again next month. Between this cancellation order screwup and the hotel reservation screwup I mentioned previously, I have to wonder if anyone can get anything right the first time, but we carry on somehow.

Even Google can't get things right the first time. When I tried installing Google Apps on my family domain name last year, it got stuck at verifying domain ownership. I contacted Google's support team but they didn't do squat so I deleted my incomplete Google Apps setup. I tried again a few nights ago and this time, it worked! Of course, I'm the only one from my family with a user account there now so it's not much of a community. :) There's actually not much of a reason to use it yet -- except for the recently-released Google Sites, all those services are available outside of Google Apps -- but it's a good placeholder to keep this domain from being just another "domain parking" page.
Tags: geocaching, google, google apps, landline, phone, ramsey
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