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Day of the Thousand Power Outages

Some time in the morning, the power went out at work. It came back on in a few minutes. Then it went out again. Then it came on again. Then it went out again just before lunch. This time it was a very long power outage. So long that the office was closed and everyone went home.

The blackout affected the whole block, including the strip mall across the street. The traffic lights weren't operating either.

So what else is one to do with an afternoon off? Pick up a few geocaches, of course.

Once Mighty in the Morristown area was the first stop. Very easy dash and grab.

Harm Me Not in Chatham was next as it was just a few miles away. Simple two-stage. The first stage involved collecting info from a sign. Then it was a nice walk on the marsh boardwalk. The final part was a narrower, possibly unmaintained, trail branching off from one of the blazed trails. The trailhead was a bit harder to find because I went past it and had to backtrack to a different part of the blazed trail to get there. But the cache was very easy to see once I got close.

Then I headed back up Route 24 to I-287 to Route 23 to Lame Roadside Cache #1 in Kinnelon. Yes, that's the name of the cache and that's what it was. Either BrianSnat has gone to the dark side of caching or he's making an ironic statement about cache quality. Anyway, it was very easy and convenient parking was available very near to the cache.

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