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On Saturday, I was either going to the Breakfast in Bristol geocaching event (Delaware Valley, 2 hours away) or to nearby Westchester depending on the weather. I didn't want to go far if it was raining heavily. The weather did a bait-and-switch on me. When I checked early Saturday morning, it was only raining very lightly. So I went to Bristol and only later did the torrential downpour begin. But that was okay. I had a pile of breakfast foods and met up with many geocachers from the area. This is the 3rd weekend in a row with a breakfast event and a few regulars, including myself, were actually at all 3 events. Can't miss breakfast! :)

After that, we all headed out in the rain. I did a few geocaches with Jannx and bigtenpower and then went off on my own. By early afternoon, the rain was so heavy that the town of Penndel got flooded for a short period of time. Fortunately, the place where I had to park for the cache was not flooded. The woods, on the other hand, were. The trail had become a stream so I waded through ankle-deep water to the geocache site. Later that afternoon, I saw that all the rivers in the area were at very high levels. At some locations, the river came to within inches of washing over the road. I was at a bridge taking pictures of the swollen Pennypack Creek when a local fellow told me that he'd never seen the river that high. He looked 70 years old so that was quite a statement. Unless, of course, he moved to Northeast Philly last year.

Sunday was sunny and much drier than Saturday. I knew I wouldn't adjust to Daylight Saving Time right away so I ignored the time change. I simply woke up when I was done sleeping. The clock in the car is correct once again because I didn't move it back an hour when DST ended last year. I headed out to Long Island. Did a bunch of geocaches and then ran into Team WiiRule at a cache site. So we tackled the next few geocaches as a group. Then I went off my own again. After dusk, I visited a geocache in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, which never seems to close. There were people still walking and riding bicycles in the dark. Then I went to Flushing Center. I noticed that this Year of the Rat sculpture had already been taken down, which is a pity because it had been there only for a month or so. Wonder what the new sculpture will be. It was outside the new Queens Crossing mall. Only a small part of this mall is open because most of the stores aren't finished yet, but from what I saw, it'll be fairly upscale. Given the state of the economy, I would question the developer's judgement.

Then I went to Sentosa and had sarang burung for dinner. The name literally means "bird's nest" in Bahasa Malaysia. It's a taro basket filled with stir-fried stuff. I wanted to try it since my last visit when I noticed that it was on the special Chinese New Year menu even though it was a regular menu item.


Breakfast in Bristol (Pennsylvania)
Dela - Where in Bristol? (Pennsylvania)
Experience Nirvana (Pennsylvania)
Cry Baby #3 - Wal waaa (Pennsylvania)
Taddei or Tomorrow II (Pennsylvania)
Tennis is a Poplar sport! (Pennsylvania)
Neshaminy Cache (Pennsylvania)
Neshaminy Stop (Pennsylvania)
FDR's Cache (Pennsylvania)
WE-BE-TOYS (Pennsylvania)
Burholme View #2 Krewstown Rd (Pennsylvania)
The Road Less Traveled (Pennsylvania)
The Next Cache (Pennsylvania)
4geo-B's Rides Again ... I mean Sir Bockius! (Pennsylvania)
Rescue Gabrielle Delacour! (Pennsylvania)


Right Side of 806 (New York)
Micro#1 (New York)
Visiting with the Joneses (New York)
South Park (New York)
Trail View "Fire" (New York)
Trail View "Wind" (New York)
Trail View "Earth" (New York)
KBC-3: Home, 'Stead of Caching (New York)
Long Swamp School (New York)
Ashe me no questions (New York)

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