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Apshawa Preserve

This evening, I went to Apshawa Preserve in West Milford (actually, just a bit north of Bloomingdale, the town not the department store :) ) for two geocaches. The first one was Mountain_Man_Mike's Micro #1 - Apshawa. It was a tricky micro right in the parking area. However, I'd seen a cache hide exactly like that in Western NJ so I knew what to check. After that, I still had time before dusk so I headed down the trail and hit the closest geocache that I hadn't yet found. (There was a closer one but I got it last year.) And that was The Beauty of Being Halfway There, a mere quarter of a mile in. Followed that with dinner and shopping back in Ramsey. The downside of having sunset later in the day is I tend to be out longer and this evening, I didn't make it back in time before the fruit market closed for the day. But there's always another evening.

I have to admit that I hadn't been keeping the K-Meleon macros that I published up to date. I posted the old macros back at the end of 2005 and those were for K-Meleon 1.0. The reason for the neglect was I'd switched over to scripting K-Meleon in Lua, thanks to the luamacro plugin. I didn't know anyone was interested in those macros until someone posted a question to the discussion forums. O...kay. Time to port those macros to KM 1.1.

Nothing much has actually changed in the KM macro language. It's still as kludgy and feature-limited as before. The biggest change is the new macro coding guidelines that were added to promote modularity. Instead of hacking macros.cfg, you now need to place each macro in its own .kmm file to make it easier for users to add/remove macros in their KM installations. In addition, with the new setmenu() and setaccel() functions, you can even attach the macros to KM's user interface from within the macro code, so you can really do it all in one .kmm file. However, I can see this being a headache if you have many KM add-ons and you're sorting out conflicts when more than one add-on has hooked the same accelerator keys.

Anyway, I posted updated KM macros for, Google cache, urlTea, and Sproose. As an aside, the upcoming KM 1.5 may require more changes to the macro packages. People need to tell me if they're using any of these so I'll know to update the code. While I do eat my own dog food, sometimes I stop eating it after a while. :)
Tags: apshawa, geocaching, k-meleon, macros, scripting, west milford

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