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Stone Lion outside Sheraton LaGuardia East

45°F. Rainy for most of the day but the sun came out in the late afternoon.

Since it was rainy, I took only a short trip through Nassau County, first to Glen Cove, to which I hadn't been in a while, then to the south shore. After that, there was still time so I decided to head into Queens for a few more geocaches. Well, a traffic delay on the Van Wyck Expressway took care of the "time" but I was still able to get a bunch of geocaches in Queens. I was amazed that I didn't have serious problems finding parking spaces near each of the cache sites. The furthest I had to park was about 600 feet away from "Real Good Park", while the nearest was right next to "Cemetery Stones" because there were no cars parked along that whole block! (I was worried the locals knew something I didn't but I checked the parking restriction signs and was pretty sure that it was okay. That was weird.)

The last cache was quite close to Flushing so I went to Flushing Chinatown for dinner. I was surprised to see that the Sunday newspaper was significantly cheaper at a Flushing newsstand than it would've been if I had bought the same newspaper out in Nassau County. I thought the cost of living is higher in the city so that makes no sense. The front page said that it was a "city edition" but all the sections (and coupon inserts, which are the important parts!) seemed to be there.

After getting the newspaper, I went to Sentosa for dinner. I had curry chicken and roti telur. Both dishes had curry, so dinner went like this: curry, and then more curry. I don't know why I never tried their chicken curry before. That is the thing to try at a Malaysian restaurant because the curry is where this cuisine differs most from all other ethnic cuisines. It's not even the same as Thai curry despite the proximity of the two countries.

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