Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island - Easter Sunday

Blydenburgh County Park

Sunny and 46°F, just like the day before. Headed out to Long Island. There actually hadn't been too many new geocache placements in the past week, but there were more than enough geocaches from a while ago that I hadn't gotten around to finding yet. I just went from one geocache, to another, to another, and got as far as Smithtown before dusk fell.

Some time around mid-afternoon, I went for the Geiger Memorial Park geocache. I must be carrying a police magnet because if there's anything even the least bit sketchy about the cache site, a police officer will come along and tell me so. It happened here too. I hadn't gone very far when Babylon Public Safety arrived and told me that the "hill" was at an off-limits gravel/sand/salt pit. So the 14 geocachers who actually went in and found the cache were trespassing. Great. I posted a "needs archived" to the cache page. Don't get me wrong though. It wasn't a bad encounter. The police officer knew something about the game and he only wanted us to be safe. He also gave some helpful advice on which side of the neighborhood to avoid. (because, in his words, it's a "sh*tty neighborhood") I didn't know there were bad neighborhoods that far out from NYC.

Went to Flushing Chinatown for dinner. I probably should've shopped for the phone case there instead, but I didn't think of it earlier. A phone case is meant to sacrifice itself to protect the phone from scratches so it doesn't have to be a brand name item. So I could've gotten a cheap knock-off from one of the stores there. After getting a city edition Sunday newspaper, I went to Sentosa and had curry young tofu and chicken rendang rice. The former is various kinds of tofu stuffed with fish and dunked into a bowl of curry. The latter is similar to chicken curry but with a thicker curry. So once again, what I had was curry and more curry. Doesn't get better than that.

Tags: flushing, geocaching, long island, sentosa

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