Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox


Nanuet Mall

In the afternoon, I went to the I Found it at the Mall geocache. It is outside the Nanuet Mall, only 5 miles from home, so I could've gone the night before when the listing came up. But I figured I might as well save it for lunchtime as it's been ages since I last had lunch at the mall. It was an easy geocache in a familiar (although not so desirable) hiding spot. I was surprised that I was still the first to sign the log.

After the cache, I went into the mall. Then I realized why I stopped going to this mall. Back then, there was very little of interest to me in the mall. In my absence, it has gotten worse. Many familiar stores have left the mall. Even the food court has empty lots. I suspect Palisades Center, a far larger mall down the road, has been drawing the mall crowd away. (It drew me away anyway.) I had chicken and fried rice from Master Wok in the food court.

In the evening, I found The Gnarly Cache. A rather crafty hide, it was a few steps off into the woods from the parking lot of a swimming pool and park in Airmont.
Tags: airmont, geocaching, nanuet, nanuet mall
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