Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Freedom from tax season began here

Gregg Froehner Park

Mailed the Federal and State tax returns at the Park Ridge post office this afternoon. So, unless there are problems, I'm done with this tax season. I don't expect my 2008 taxes to be as high as 2007 but a lot can happen.

In the evening, I went to Wayne for the FREEDOM BEGAN HERE geocache. It's at Gregg Froehner Park off a residential road. Actually, I'm not sure that's part of the park. The cache was actually at the edge of a fenced-in Revolutionary War burial ground. I didn't see much in the fenced-in area though. The place is overgrown. There were only a few headstones that I could see.

After that, since the route I used to avoid the Garden State Parkway went right by the mall, I stopped at Garden State Plaza for dinner. I didn't know the food court had Thai food. However, as is usually the case at a mall food court, it isn't very authentic. (It's more Chinese than Thai.) I had mango chicken, tofu vegetables, and pad thai.
Tags: garden state plaza, geocaching, tax return, thai food, wayne
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