Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island

Manor Farm park

I think I missed another Philadelphia-area geocaching event on Sunday. Oh, well. Didn't feel up to driving for that distance. Anyway, it was sunny and around 46°F. Went out to Long Island so the two days were essentially a repeat of last weekend.

I saw a car chase somewhere between East Northport and Kings Park. I was approaching an intersection when I saw someone driving fast around the corner, tires screeching all the way. Good thing I wasn't closer to the intersection at that moment or there could've been a collision. Then a police car with siren on and lights flashing came by. Well, that was a bit exciting! Then, of course, I proceeded to the geocache at Callahans Beach.

After I was done with Long Island for the day, I thought I'd pick up another geocache in Queens on my way to dinner. So I did "Bicycle Rentals" at Flushing Meadows Corona Park. That was quite easy even though it was dark because the cache title described the hiding spot in more ways than one. After that, I wondered where I'd end up if I tried to exit FMCP to the East instead of to the West, the way I usually do. Followed the signs, went under the highway, then to the other side of the highway, and finally got onto College Point Blvd. So that's a shorter way to get to Flushing Chinatown from FMCP! How many trips there did it take me to learn that? :)

At Sentosa, I had chicken satay and nasi lemak. Nasi lemak is rice flavored with coconut milk. It came with curry chicken, chili anchovies (ikan bilis), pickled vegetables (achat), egg, peanuts, and cucumber. I was a little worried about the way they would prepare this but it turned out fine. They may have gone a bit beyond the norm though. Back in the old country, I don't recall having pickled vegetables in nasi lemak.

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