Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Bloomfield to Penang

Brookdale Park

Just in time for the warmer weather, my new geocaching outfit. Like it? :) Okay, April Fool's is over so I'll explain. This amusing "Geo Diva" tanktop is a mystery prize I got at a geocaching event a while ago. I only just got around to giving it away while doing some Spring cleaning.

This evening, I went to the Cache-Cam geocache. It's in Brookdale Park in Bloomfield. Very easy one. I do remember another geocache at or near this spot way back when, but it's nice to revisit this part of the park.

Last week, while doing some Google Local searches, I noticed that there's a new Penang Malaysian restaurant in Lodi. I thought I'd stop there and try it on my way home from Bloomfield. It looks a bit more upscale -- more like a coffee house or lounge than an ethnic restaurant -- than the other Penang restaurants in Philly and Jersey. I had nasi lemak, which is rice flavored with coconut milk and served with various curried and spicy items. It's really not too different from this nasi lemak I had at Sentosa in Flushing on Sunday. Aside from price, that is. There is a lot of competition among restaurants in Flushing Chinatown, so Sentosa is significantly cheaper. Of course, since I don't live in Queens, bridge tolls on the way to Flushing kill that deal unless I have other reasons to go to Queens or Long Island. Anyway, the Lodi Penang may be an option for Chinese New Year dinner if they'll be having New Year specials.
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