Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Don't have a Cache Cow

Grove Park

This afternoon, I went to Grove Park in Ridgewood, not far away, for the Cache Cow geocache. It was sunny and around 50°F, not bad weather for a quick walk in the woods. And it didn't take long to find the geocache.

There is an interesting quandary associated with this cache though. The cache owner originally placed it in Saddle River County Park, half a mile South of its current location. The cache listing was approved yesterday. Then he realized that it was close to another cache, so he decided to move it to Grove Park. Meanwhile, Ramapo, acting on the info in the cache listing, went to the original location and failed to find the cache after a fruitless search. So how ought one move a cache? As Ramapo suggested, the cache owner could've disabled the cache listing before moving the cache. However, that still may not help because someone might've downloaded or printed the cache info the night before. My inclination would be to not move the cache unless there was a real problem with its location or at least disable the listing for a period of time first to provide sufficient advance warning. When I wanted to retire one of my caches, I disabled the cache listing for two weeks before actually heading out to remove it. I thought that was playing it a bit too safe, but to my surprise, there were still a few last-minute visitors.

I also did a bit more work on TwitVim, the Vim Twitter plugin. I had already started work on the next major feature, which will be to parse and display Twitter timelines, but I decided that it would be a good idea to first polish up and document what I had already released. Hence today's minor point release.
Tags: geocache relocation, geocaching, grove park, ridgewood, twitter, twitvim, vim
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