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Things I didn't know about the Dictator

Kim Jong Il has the world's largest collection of Daffy Duck cartoons! (Not the main point of the article but it's somewhere in there.) Boy, you think you know the dictator and then this comes up! :)

Do you suppose he goes to cartoon conventions? Just picture it. He's scouring the Dealer's Room to fill in the gaps in his video collection. Hosting panels on why Daffy Duck should be the star of the show instead of Bugs Bunny. Trading collectibles and cards with other fans. Threatening to send nukes if someone else gets that last Daffy Duck license plate holder.

He's a big buyer of Cognac too. Might be fun to hang out with him for an evening. Just drinking Cognac and watching Daffy Duck cartoons. And after the soiree, he'll put you in the gulag.
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