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Kids Expo, Poughkeepsie

Did a mascot gig today at Kids Expo at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie. Of course, I started early so that I could squeeze in two geocaches on my way there. I had no idea where to park for the event but the municipal parking lot didn't seem too bad. Then I arrived at the civic center and met up with freakylynx, grizz593, coyoty, cliff_husky, foxwell, lilpup, jbadger, rapidtrabbit, cougarpaws, sunookitsune, wildw0lf, tigerman, and a few others.

I thought this was a decent event. We were enthusiastically received by some parents and kids and ignored by others, which is par for the course. In the early afternoon, crowding became a problem. We, or at least I, could hardly move around in costume in the exhibition space. Something disconcerting happened. Someone got paranoid and called security on one of our group. This did not involve me personally so I won't go into detail but that's when I decided to stop doing the gig and get out of costume. I heard that the expo organizers will deal with this problem next year by providing us with official expo badges. We'll see.

After the event, our group dinner was at Arlington Diner, which I had significant trouble finding because Google Maps was wrong about the location. I had taco salad. I declined to join the group for bowling afterwards because I wanted to visit a geocache on the Vassar campus. While at the cache site, I was soon joined by jbadger, foxwell, and wildw0lf. Apparently, jbadger saw my parked car as they were passing by and that meant geocaching was afoot.

I continued onwards to do 4 geocaches at night in Orange County. That was fun. The best one of the bunch was "Finding Gold at Night", which was designed to be found only at night. It was a 1/4-mile trail of reflectors through the woods of Lasser Park.

Had a nosebleed. After about 21 months without a nosebleed, I have no idea what triggered this one. I'd been keeping a box of Nasal Cease in the glove compartment so I tried one. That actually stopped the bleeding after about five minutes, but not before making it worse momentarily. I need to refine my application technique somewhat. Hammering it in was not a good idea. :)

Some mascot photos from the event:

Kids ExpoKids Expo
Kids ExpoKids Expo
Kids ExpoKids Expo
Kids ExpoKids Expo
Kids Expo

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