Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Pennypack footage, TwitVim, Subway

Fire Department Memorial

The latest enhancement to Flickr is they now accept video uploads. I don't shoot much video but I did have a video file that was sitting on the hard disk for about a month, so I uploaded it. Nothing spectacular. Just a 23-second video of Pennypack Creek overflowing its banks in Northeast Philadelphia after heavy rainfall. Those trees at the upper right corner are not normally in the river!

I thought I was done for a while with TwitVim at version 0.2.0 yesterday, but I went ahead and added a few more features. I've also been in correspondence with a user who contributed some fixes to make the plugin work in Chinese Vim. That's wonderful! I can't possibly test the plugin on every Vim platform, so it's good to have someone step in to fill the gaps. I also got the client software registered with Twitter (emailed them with my request and it was done within a day) so that tweets I post with it say "from TwitVim" with a link to the download page.

This evening, after running some errands in Ramsey and Mahwah, I went to Subway in Ramsey and had a BBQ rib patty footlong sub. They've had $5 footlong specials for a while now, so I should've eaten there more but I've been busy and haven't had too many opportunities to go to downtown Ramsey.
Tags: flickr, pennypack, ramsey, subway, twitter, twitvim, video, vim

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