Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Evening in Ramsey


I don't know how long they'll continue this promotion, but Subway has been having $5 footlong subs for 3 weeks already. Of course, I went and got one at Subway on Main St. every time I had errands to run in Ramsey. Anyway, since I already had photos of most of the Subway footlong subs, I wondered what else I could do. So I shot a video of this evening's turkey and ham footlong. Yes, food video. It's the next step after food photography. :) Now I want to go and shoot videos of all the food I photographed. I need to practice moving the camera more smoothly though.

I also went to Triangle Plaza in Ramsey to drop off some clothing donations and to get a few items at Pathmark. One thing I noticed is Pathmark cashiers will give you a discount of a few cents if you bring your own shopping bag instead of using their plastic bags. I brought the Hannaford reusable bag on this trip so I got the discount. Saving a few cents per shopping trip is insignificant but it is a nice gesture on the part of Pathmark.
Tags: food video, pathmark, ramsey, reusable bag discount, subway
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