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Cow Meadow Park Marina

After about six months of hair growth, I finally decided to get a haircut two evenings ago. As an interim measure, I'd been cutting my own hair just to get the annoying parts out of the way but that eventually proved insufficient. What prompted my decision was the 70-degree weather over the weekend, so it was ironic that the temperature went down to around 50°F on the day I went for the haircut. That's the weather mocking me! This was the fastest haircut I've ever gotten at Supercuts in Ramsey. There was no wait and the superfast hairdresser finished in less than five minutes! (Of course, it helped that I didn't care how it looked and basically just asked for a #4.)

TwitVim is semi-stable, and by that I mean I haven't thought of a thing that I'd like to tweak or enhance in this plugin for over a day now. :) What's gratifying is it actually has a few users now and they've contacted me over Twitter to say that they're using it. One problem I ran into is Vim script's lack of time-handling functions. While you can parse time strings using Vim's regular expressions, there is no support for time calculations and time zones. My solution is to use if_perl to embed a piece of Perl code in the Vim script to perform the time functions. I did that in a way that degrades gracefully, so if the user's Vim installation does not have the Perl interface enabled, TwitVim will simply use Twitter's raw timestamps, which are ugly but better than nothing.
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