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Nanuet, NY

Got a Where's George hit in New Zealand early this morning.

Hot day today. Temperature was over 80°F in the afternoon. Didn't go out anywhere in the afternoon but in the evening, I had a BBQ Rib Patty footlong overloaded with veggies (just the way I like it) at Subway in Ramsey.


1. What's a buzzword or catchphrase that gets overused at your workplace or in your classes?
ASAP. If everything is urgent then nothing is.

2. What item in your house has seen too much use lately?
The shredder because I did some spring cleaning and shredded a stack of documents that have account numbers on them but that I don't need any more.

3. What's a word or phrase your friends would ask you to use a lot less, if you were to ask their opinion?
I don't know... Wait! That could be it.

4. What's something in your life that's pretty much been used up and needs replacing?
The dish-washing sponge by the kitchen sink. That is so ragged.

5. In what way have you been overused lately?
That never happens. I do what I can and then I leave.

From Five on Friday:

1. How often do you listen to music?
Only when driving.

2. Do you ever listen to the radio? What is your favorite station?
Yes. I flip between PLJ and Fresh 102.7. If I'm outside of the NYC area, I try some local stations.

3. How do you find new songs, albums, or artists to listen to?
Whatever's on the radio.

4. When was the last time you bought a CD? A digital music file?
The last time was in the late 90s when the RIAA started getting overly litigious.

5. Do you think any of the technologies and distribution methods mentioned above will still be around in ten years? Why or why not?
I'd imagine the CD will be less popular as a distribution medium in 10 years. Can't say if it'll be totally gone.

From fridayfiver:

1. What is heaven?
A place on Earth

2. What is older than you?
Bernanke, so he should know better.

3. Where do you belong?
Not here. Taxes are too high.

4. Who is no longer a stranger to you?
StarBow1er, whom I met by chance last weekend.

5. Friday fill-in:
I hear ____.
The Laura Ingraham Show on the radio.

From thefridayfive:

1. Love at First Sight: Fact or Fiction?
Malcolm Gladwell would say it's a fact.

2. Fortune Telling: Fact or Fiction?
Both. It's a fact that there's such a profession as fortune telling, but the fortunes they tell are fiction.

3. Other Life: Fact or Fiction?
You mean the one where I'm not answering Friday Five? :)

4. Afterlife: Fact or Fiction?
Fiction. Make the most of what you have now!

5. Bigfoot: Fact or Fiction?
Fiction, except maybe where this sign is on Staten Island. :)

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