Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Weekend - Orange County, Earthstock

Saturday: In honor of the all new higher gas prices, I went to Orange County. It was a warm day, sunny and over 80°F. I hadn't been to Orange Co. in a while, so there were many new geocaches. The only disconcerting thing happened when I was in the Wallkill Area. I saw a wild turkey crossing the road. I saw that it had gotten across safely. Then I heard a thump and a bunch of feathers flew up. Huh? Based on the dead lump on the road, I figured that there was a second wild turkey and it walked right into my car. Egads! Dinner was at Arby's in Middletown. (No, I did not have turkey!)

Sunday: Woke up early in the morning to head out to Norton Park in Plainville, CT, for a mascot gig at Earthstock. Also on the roster were coyoty, wally_wabbit, wildw0lf, freakylynx, sunookitsune, rapidtrabbit, Damian K, paws_wolfymutt, and Max the Husky. It was a smallish event with a vendor fair and some entertainment. We had a critter parade and then just wandered around until we figured it was time to stop. Good thing it wasn't as hot a day as the day before. The temperature was 60-70°F and turned from cloudy to sunny.

After the gig, I left the group and went off on my own. I found both caches in Norton Park, of course, and also 11 more in Bristol, Southington, and Plainville. In the course of my travels, I saw an LJS-Taco Bell co-branded restaurant, so I had to stop there for lunch, just for the novelty of having fried fish and burrito together!

Geocaches on Saturday:

Moodna ~ Islands in the Stream (New York)
Moodna ~ The HEART of It (New York)
The Return of the Ghost (in the Fishing Chair) (New York)
The Stumps of Lasser Park (New York)
Log The Frog (New York)
Chicken-Cache-A-Tore (New York)
Snake Hill (New York)
Little Falls Pond (New York)
joshnme2's >2nd cache (New York)
Oh Happy Days (New York)
Red Fred (New York)
pleasure ground cache (New York)
Salesmen Beware! (New York)
Road Trip! (New York)
Two Rites and a Light (New York)

Geocaches on Sunday:

If You Break It .... STHNGTN-322 (Connecticut)
If You Break It .... STHNGTN-QueenSt (Connecticut)
SMK-33 Picnic in a Park (Connecticut)
SMK-32 Farmington Canal (Connecticut)
Zee 'Other' Lowes (Connecticut)
SMK-31 Through the Pines II (Connecticut)
Leatherman's Circuit - East Bristol (Connecticut)
Hidden Mini Putt Putt (Connecticut)
ClimbAway!! (Connecticut)
A Memorial Day Cache (Connecticut)
Guns of our Fathers #1 (Connecticut)
That Was Easy #3, Bristol (Connecticut)
Going, Going, Gone!!!!! (Connecticut)

Tags: connecticut, earthstock, geocaching, ljs, mascot gig, orange county, taco bell

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