Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Not much love to go round

Ramapo Mountain State Forest

This evening, I took advantage of the longer daylight by going for two geocaches in the mountains. I went to Ramapo Mountain State Forest in Ringwood/Wanaque for Snow: Needles and Snow Series: Sleet. I parked in a nearby residential area for both. The first cache wasn't too difficult of a walk despite the hilliness. I followed the blue trail all the way. There was a closer dead-end road where I could've parked for the second cache but it was only a quarter of a mile away so why bother moving the car? I followed the red trail over to another dead-end road. Then came the tough part. This cache was halfway up the steep slope. I bushwhacked most of the way because I didn't see the trail at first and when I did see it, it wasn't going in the right direction. That was a tough scramble but the cache was easy to find once I got up there.

After that, I went to Subway in Ramsey for a bologna footlong. It's supposedly turkey bologna. This sub has been on the menu all this while so I'm surprised I never tried it before, not that it looks different from any other Subway sub once all the veggies are added in. :) After that, while I was walking around downtown Ramsey, I saw the town police warning some kids not to loiter and skateboard in the strip mall parking lot. It was a bit overkill because they sent two squad cars to the scene.

Had a surprise when I got home. As I've mentioned before in this journal, people have been having sex in my parking space and I know that because I've seen condom packaging litter and the used condom itself one time. Well, I caught an amorous couple there this evening. I don't know about the lady but I could tell from the odor that the man has had quite a few alcoholic beverages. Of course, I had to ask them to leave, but I suggested parking on the street where at least they wouldn't be on private property. I wonder where sex while trespassing ranks on the excitement scale. :)
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