Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Thursday Triangle

Brookdale Park

Another sunny and warm day. In the evening, I went to Brookdale Park in Bloomfield for The Curse of the Brookdale Triangle. This geocache wasn't really a curse. It was actually quite easy. The only thing that may pose some difficulty is it is located in an area with a bit of brush in a park that is otherwise open field, but there is already a social trail of flattened weeds leading to the cache site.

As I recall, there is a rule about gas stations in Garden State Parkway service areas only being allowed to change their prices once a week. So, while a typical gas station in northern New Jersey now sells regular gasoline at $3.39/gallon, all the Lukoil stations on the Parkway are still at $3.17. The result: A long line of cars at the Bloomfield service area waiting for a fill-up! I'm sure that gas station will run out of gas before long. Anyway, I finished up this little evening trip with a Subway tuna footlong at Paramus Park Mall. Yes, it's still $5 and looking like even more of a bargain every day.

When Flickr added video earlier this month, I thought it was a nice enhancement but not really a big deal; just another form of visual expression. I posted a few videos myself. Well, tonight, I stumbled across these two threads in the 10 Million Photos group. I wondered what that was all about, so I did a bit of looking around and found out that the Flickr video protest had spread through many Flickr discussion groups. Just what we need. More controversy and drama. It's all pretty strange to me because I don't see anything wrong with videos. We already have bad photos -- bad porn photos even -- on Flickr, so I don't see how videos are going to be the death of Flickr as some of those commenters seem to be saying. A year from now, we'll look back on the Flickr video controversy and wonder what the fuss was about.
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