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Milling around in Mills

Mills Reservation

Another fine day. Sunny and around 60°F in the evening. So I went to Mills Reservation in Cedar Grove to hit another two geocaches: The View and The Walk. What made it possible for me to get both geocaches in the evening was I found out about the southern entrance to the park. If I had come in from the usual northern entrance, it'd have been a 2-mile round trip walk, not impossible to do in the evening but I'd have to hurry. Anyway, I found both caches and then took a look at the cliffside view on the way out. After that, I went to Paramus Park Mall for another Subway footlong. (Yes, still $5.)

Tomorrow is the Doo Dah Parade in Ocean City but I won't be going. It'll be my 3rd year of boycotting Ocean City since that December evening when the town police drove up onto the boardwalk to tell me to leave. They should understand that if they tell me to leave a public area for no good reason, the town goes on my blacklist and I may never bring my business there again.

From thefridayfive:

1. Whats harder to live without, chocolate or alchohol?
Chocolate. I already do live without alcohol. Actually, I could live without chocolate too. It's no big deal.

2. Does the colour yellow remind you of anything?
I heard you're not supposed to eat snow of that color.

3. Who most annoyed you last week?
Oh... the list is so long. The people I caught in my parking space, for a start.

4. Do you have a cutesy romantic nickname for your partner (or previous partners)?
I have a partner?

5. What is your favourite Stephen King movie?
Haven't watched very many. I remember The Langoliers.

From Five on Friday:

1. Do you experience any seasonal allergies? Are you allergic to anything else?
No. I'm possibly allergic to a certain kind of fertilizer that causes a rash, but that only happened once.

2. What kinds of symptoms do you experience during your allergic reactions?
See #1.

3. How do you manage your allergies? (ie: medication, avoidance, alternative therapies, etc)
I left the old country.

4. What is the strangest allergy you've ever heard of?
I've heard of people who are allergic to fake fur / plush material.

5. How do you feel about school and social policies that banning peanuts and other allergens?
Labeling the product clearly is a better idea. Why take peanuts away from everyone just because some are allergic?

From fridayfiver:

1. When did you last get lost?
Probably not more than a few years ago and it was less than 10 miles from home! Bergen County is full of twisting, turning roads, all alike.

2. Have you ever been flying?
Yes, and boy, were my arms tired!

3. Who do you always listen to?
Mogambo Guru, for entertainment purposes.

4. When does the day feel long?
When I'm stuck indoors because of a hurricane.

5. Friday fill-in:
Are we _____ ?
... going to get past that silly Flickr video controversy?

From the altfriday5:

1. What is your preferred means of communication, in general? (email, text, phone, face to face, smoke signals, etc)
Blog comment. Twitter @-reply.

2. You have something difficult (potentially upsetting, say) to say to someone. How do you do it?
See #1. Bwahaha!

3. Someone has something difficult to say to you; how do you prefer to have them communicate it?
Any way but text because I don't have text messaging.

4. How often would you say you beat around the bush when discussing difficult or sensitive topics with people whose reactions you care about?
I actually would be pretty direct if I wanted to say it. If I didn't want to say it, I just wouldn't bring it up.

5. You're upset. How do you communicate it?
So far, it appears that I simply stop going to certain events. Oh yeah, I write about it here too.

From Friday 5:

1. What's something you love and is quite bad for you?
Oh, hundreds of food items from here.

2. What's something you hate and is quite good for you?
Vegetables that look like weeds from the yard.

3. What's something that's about equally good and bad for you?
Fried fish. Fish good, fried bad.

4. What's something you've been told is bad for you but you suspect is not as bad as people say?
Reheated leftover Popeye's fried chicken for breakfast. Reheating gets some of the oil out so it may not be as bad as the first round.

5. What's something most people consider ugly but you consider beautiful?
Fried fish with the fish head, fins, and everything still there. Those are the crunchy parts.
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