Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Central Jersey

Cloudy day. At around 60°F and windy, it was cooler than yesterday.

I had a slow start but once I reached the Middlesex area, I breezed through a whole cluster of geocaches. I even found a few that were considered problematic with no trouble at all. I actually finished the Central Jersey list quite a bit before sunset but it wasn't worth going further south to do more, so I went to Woodbridge Center Mall to pay my Sprint bill. Then I noticed that the mall had a Subway so I got myself a $5 seafood (really just a surimi salad) footlong sub. That's something I'd been missing. The Subway restaurants in Ramsey and Paramus don't have seafood subs. I'd assumed that they all have the same menu but that is apparently not the case.

My trip home was hampered by a big accident that shut down the Parkway. So I cut over to Newark and used Routes 21 and 20. Haven't gone that way since August.

Tags: central jersey, geocaching, seafood sub, subway, woodbridge center
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