Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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Long Island

Cloudy and cooler than yesterday. 50-60°F. Long Island trip. It's only been two weeks since my last LI trip but there were already enough new geocaches that I only got as far as Farmingdale before turning back. What I didn't like, however, was that many of those geocaches are the new half-size nanos. A nanocache is already pretty small, about the size of a finger nail. These new ones are half as tall. With below-average dexterity, I find them rather hard to handle. Indeed, at "Random Caches 4", I accidentally jammed the screw thread while screwing the tiny lid back on the tiny cache. Dinner was at Sentosa in Flushing.

Pump attendants... I don't know what to do with them any more. Now they figure with high per-gallon gas prices, they can top off to a dollar over the next higher dollar. This evening, at Exxon in Paramus, the gas pump stopped at $23.20. Then the pump attendant continued pumping until $24, but he didn't stop there. He went all the way to $25! If the point of topping off is to get to the next whole dollar amount so that he doesn't have to deal with change, what's the extra dollar of gas for? In fact, the EPA recommends not topping off at all! I really should move to a state where I'm allowed to pump gas on my own so that I can do it the right way.

Flower Hill Park (New York)
Random Caches 4 - Road Rage GAH!!! (New York)
Edon #3 - Keebler's house (New York)
LI Motor Parkway #1 - Garden City Toll Lodge (New York)
LI Motor Parkway #2 - Meadowbrook Toll Lodge (New York)
PEZ Cache II (New York)
LI Motor Parkway #3 - Levittown Grandstand (New York)
Alley Micro Series 9- Levittown-S (New York)
WRR-3K: Corner Pocket (New York)
LI Motor Parkway #4 - Battle Row (New York)
Alley Micro Series 13- County Line Bowl (New York)
Alley Micro Series 12 - Harbor Lanes (New York)
ToH - Summer Concert Series - Baldwin Harbor Park (New York)
Signs Signs Everywhere A Sign (New York)
Alley Micro Series 16- Planders Lanes (New York)
Alley Micro Series 15- Woodbury Bowl (New York)
Alley Micro Series 14- Mid Island Bowl (New York)
Alley Micro Series 17- Westbury Bowl (New York)

Tags: geocaching, long island, pump attendant problems
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