Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox


Ringwood State Park

There was a new geocache in the Skylands Manor section of Ringwood State Park in Ringwood, so this evening, I went for Skylands Manor - Pigsty. It's just off the park road near an abandoned building that could have been a pigsty. The partitions inside the building suggest some kind of animal pen.

After that, there was still time for one more quick cache before the park closed. So I visited Sunrise Step Off - Skylands Manor. This cache too is located near an abandoned building. According to the cache description, the bottom level of the building is insulated so it could have been an ice house.

Then I went to Baskin-Robbins in Ramsey for the 31-cent scoop night promotion. I got a butter pecan scoop. It was like a town festival or event over there. The place was crowded. Because the Baskin-Robbins promotion honors firefighters, Ramsey FD brought a bunch of firetrucks over, including this antique firetruck.

And finally, I got a $5 chicken teriyaki footlong sub at Subway in Ramsey. You knew I was going to do that!
Tags: 31-cent scoop night, baskin-robbins, geocaching, ramsey, ringwood, ringwood state park, ruins, skylands manor, subway
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