Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

River and Mountain


There was a forecast for rain today but it was sunny in the afternoon. A bit under 60°F though. I visited the Saddle River Walk geocache in Upper Saddle River. It's a new listing but it's actually a relisting of an earlier multicache without the first stage. So I already knew where the hiding spot was and it was just a quick walk towards the Saddle River.

In the evening, I went to Find BrianSnat's Ammo Can #6 in Campgaw Mountain County Reservation in Oakland. I knew this one would be quite a hike so I saved it for a day when there was enough time before sunset to tackle it. Indeed it was tough. There wasn't a trail anywhere near the cache and I bushwhacked more than half the way there. The middle part of the hike was the hardest because that's where I followed the steep powerline cut up the mountain. Once I got to the top though, it was a relatively flat walk the rest of the way. Then it started raining, but only once I was well on my way back to parking. So it wasn't that bad.

I also had more $5 Subway footlongs. The people at the Ramsey Subway must be tired of seeing me by now. :)
Tags: campgaw, geocaching, oakland, ramsey, subway, upper saddle river
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