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Friday Five

Entrance to Olive Garden

Received a postcard in the mail today saying that I'm a member of this class-action lawsuit. Lockwood v. Certegy Check Services is a case of data breach, in which a Certegy ex-employee stole bank and credit card account data and sold it to a third-party marketing company. Oh, bother.

No Subway footlong today. The stuffed rigatoni with sausage was good.


1. How do you feel about spicy food?
I like curry. I could eat that every weekend.

2. What kinds of condiments do you add to food in order to spice things up a bit?
Curry. Aside from that, Arby's horsey sauce is pretty good.

3. Not counting salt and pepper, what's your favorite flavor enhancer when cooking?
I cook? Split pea soup, I suppose. It makes pancakes better. :)

4. What's the spiciest food you've ever eaten?
gushi had a sauce where even one drop of it packed a punch. Don't remember the name of it. Also, the sauces at the bottom of the Buffalo Wild Wings list are pretty hot. And finally, I've tried habanero too.

5. In what way might some other aspect of your daily life be spiced up, and what's keeping that from happening right now?
If I moved away from here. Not quite ready yet.

From altfriday5:

1. What do you do to maintain or improve your physical fitness?
Go up in the hills looking for tupperware.

2. What do you do to maintain or improve your mental fitness (e.g puzzles, reading challenging books, etc.)?
See #1.

3. What do you do to maintain or improve your emotional fitness (e.g. get enough sleep, meditate, take supplements or medication)?
See #1. :)

4. What things would you like to be doing to maintain or improve your physical, mental, or emotional fitness, but aren't? Why aren't you doing them?
I would take a year off from work. Not doing that because I don't think they'll allow it. Seriously though, I'm just tired.

5. What things have you tried to do to to maintain or improve your physical, mental, or emotional fitness, but that didn't work? Why didn't they work?
Started a seafood diet. It didn't work because when I see food, I eat food. :)

From fridayfiver:

1. Describe where you grew up:
Tropical country. Hot. Poorly-maintained schools. Corrupt government.

2. Do you wear any jewelery?

3. What do you have too much of?
Things to do. Things, in general, that I'm slowly using up or giving away.

4. Who is a fool?
The fool who pities a fool. Also, the fool who is pitied by a fool.

5. What's your nickname?
No, what isn't my nickname. :)

From Five on Friday:

1. What types of board games do you like to play, if any?
Risk, Monopoly.

2. How often do you play board games?
Rarely. No one to play with.

3. What is your absolutely favorite game?
Risk. I just love allocating/arranging my armies. Darn. I'm in the wrong line of work. :)

4. Describe your Monopoly strategy.
It's been a long time since I last played that game, but I would just buy up all the property I can and trade with other players to make complete sets on which I can build houses and hotels. In real life, I let other people do that for me and pay me the dividends. :)

5. Do you feel that board games are becoming obsolete with the rise in computer and video gaming?
I'm not involved in computer and video gaming either, so I wouldn't know.

From thefridayfive:

1. What's one of the nicest things a friend has ever done for you?
Co-sign for my Manhattan apartment. Actually, I didn't know him that well, so it's also question #2.

2. What's one of the nicest things a stranger has ever done for you?
See question #1.

3. What is a trait in another person that you instantly admire, and that draws you to them?
Self-reliance, especially in not looking to government for solutions to problems.

4. What is a trait in another person that instantly repels you, and prevents you from forming a close relationship with them?
People who cross personal boundaries way too early, before I even know them. And what's with the random kissing?

5. Time to vent: tell us about something rotten someone has done to you.
Oh, a few people who I thought were my friends gave me cr*p over my opinions on the economic stimulus checks and the financial condition of the Federal government these days. Aside from that, I've had problems with gas station pump attendants around here. And let's not forget the State of New Jersey and Crazy Corzine for that 16.7% tax hike.
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