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Queens, then CIA mascot gig

CIA Campus Tour

On Saturday, I went to Queens. (with one side trip to Nassau County for a geocache not far from the county line) It was a rainy day but not that bad until the evening when I actually started feeling the rain. This being a Saturday, there were problems with parking at a few locations, but that's why people double park with emergency blinkers on. When in NYC... Anyway, it was a good trip and I almost finished all the geocaches in Queens. Ended the evening with dinner at Sentosa in Flushing. Parking wasn't free but it was late enough by that time that I didn't have to put in many quarters to get to 10pm, after which parking was free anyway.

On Sunday, freakylynx and I went to Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, to do a mascot gig for Walk MS. We were the only two characters for this gig. We actually didn't expect too much from this gig. For one thing, it wasn't a long gig -- the event usually starts at 10am and dies down at around noon. For another, it was a rainy morning and we didn't think too many people would show up. Glad to be proven wrong! It was a good gig. It was cloudy but the rain didn't materialize. Great crowd. After that, we took a walk around to see the CIA campus and went our separate ways.

Then the sun came out. I went geocaching along the Hudson River in the Poughkeepsie area. Crossed over to Highland, New Paltz, Walden, Montgomery, etc. Wanted to hit cache #7777 but that turned out to be a very easy goal for the day because I got that and one extra. Dinner was at Arby's in Middletown and I picked up another two geocaches on my way home. (Warwick is not quite on the way home but it's only a bit of a detour on country roads)

Saturday's geocaches:

Alley Micro Series 18 - New Hyde Park (New York)
Criminalistics 101: Tool marks (New York)
Criminalistics 101: Serology (New York)
Criminalistics 101: Trace (New York)
Criminalistics 101: Questioned Documents (New York)
Criminalistics 101: Fingerprints (New York)
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (New York)
Yabba Dabba Do Time! (New York)
SPARE US Another Urban Micro--Woodhaven (New York)
Juniper Valley Park--Overlook (New York)
Juniper Valley Park--Half Baked (New York)
Juniper Valley Park--Brennan Field (New York)
Reach out and touch someone (New York)
SPARE US Another Urban Micro -- Jackson Heights (New York)
On Location in NYC -- "A Bronx Tale" (New York)
Socrates' Stash (New York)
A Place to Put the Ball (New York)
Dywer Micro Park Micro (New York)
F.D.N.Y. - Fathers Day Fire (New York)

Sunday's geocaches:

Calling California (New York)
Down By the River (New York)
Highland Series #2: Park and Grab (New York)
Less Yellow in Moriello (New York)
Hide it like Beckham (New York)
orange you glad you found me (New York)
wooster rooster (New York)
55 But Whose Counting (New York)
Downtown / Main Street USA: (Warwick, NY) (New York)

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