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Haverstraw Kayak Launch

There was a weather forecast for rain today but it still hadn't started raining by the evening, so I went to Rockland Lake State Park in Congers to find the Marmots' Lounge geocache. It wasn't a tough walk. I started at the Snedeker's Landing sign and was at the cache site in a short time. I recognized the power line view so I must have been there previously for another geocache.

After that, there was still time before dusk, so I headed north to Haverstraw for the Hudson View Series - Kayak Launch geocache. I didn't do this multicache when it came out last year because there was someone parked right at the first stage location. There was someone there this time too, but he was down by the river so there wasn't a problem retrieving that part unseen. The final stage was a bit to the south at Pecks Pond. I saw the cache sitting there exposed so I didn't know how it was supposed to be hidden. I put a rock on it before I left.

I saw a Quiznos in West Haverstraw and I knew that, like Subway, they too were having a $5 special, so I went in to check it out. I was a little disappointed that only one sub in that particular store qualified for the $5 large sub special. (They didn't have the other "deli favorites".) Nevertheless, I had a large honey-cured ham sub.
Tags: geocaching, haverstraw, quiznos

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